Our services

Consultation, assessment and treatment

hildren and Adolescents


Intellectual, psychological and school-related difficulties.


Behavior problems, adjustment difficulties at school or in the family, learning difficulties, phobias, interpersonal difficulties, shyness, psychosomatic difficulties, sexuality related difficulties, depression.


Assessment and treatment:

Stress, generalized anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondria, psychosomatic disorders, chronic pain, burnout, depression, bipolar disorder, addictions, relationship difficulties, personality disorders, attention deficit, support for individuals or families with a member who has mental illness or intellectual deficit, individual therapy for intellectual deficit.


Assessment and treatment:

Communication difficulties, task sharing, parenting skills, sexual difficulties, infidelity, internet dependency, cultural differences.

Other services

Supervision to students and professionals working in mental health

  • Our supervision services are offered on an individual or group basis and can be tailored to specific needs, for example, introduction to cognitive behavioral therapy or expanding knowledge.
  • Supervision can also be based on specific clinical cases.

Special services offered to industries and organizations

Centers for intellectually challenged

Rehabilitation centers for developmental disabilities
  • Consultation/supervision for treatment teams
  • Psychological and intellectual assessment of clientele
  • Assessment, treatment plan and follow-up for complex difficulties (dual diagnosis, severe behavior problems)
  • Psycho-legal expertise
  • Conférences et ateliers adaptés aux étudiants et enseignants (ex. : stress, émotions, relations interpersonnelles)

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